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Welcome to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation's (WisDOT's) Microsimulation Guidelines website. This site was developed on behalf of the Bureau of Traffic Operations (BTO) as part of the department's commitment to assuring that traffic models prepared for Wisconsin projects do a good job of reproducing the real-world traffic conditions. The guidelines on this website have been developed to help modelers, project managers, and agency management establish a modeling process that is efficient and results in reliable models. To accomplish this, the website discusses recommended modeling procedures and establishes specific numerical targets for the expected level of model fidelity.

The guidelines on this website are based on our experiences (both positive and negative) from previous traffic modeling projects. We seek to strike a balance between "perfection" and what is practical to achieve within the time-frame and budget of a normal highway project. Since microsimulation is a complicated process, we emphasize the importance of careful planning and setting a realistic schedule that includes time for solving unexpected problems. (If you are new to the microsimulation process, you may want to start by reading the section on Model Scoping, Forking, and Scenarios).

The site contains WisDOT's draft guidance on traffic analysis procedures and the development and calibration of microsimulation models. BTO is currently in the process of updating the guidance provided within this website to provide additional clarification and to reflect current revisions being made to the Federal Highway Association of Governments (FHWA) Traffic Analysis Tool Box Volume III. When completed, the final version of WisDOT's microsimulation guidance will be published as part of the Facilities Development Manual (FDM).

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